Search Vision Media can assist with any SEO task ranging from advice on what should be the best site navigation system to aid user flow and funnel link juice to link audits identifying toxic backlinks that should be removed. Other requests we have helped with include optimised copywriting, 301 Redirect URL mapping, popularity assessment, Panda and Penguin Diagnostic Audits, content promotion, engagement analysis, HREFLANG tag implementation, schema and much more.

Search Engine Optimisation is Becoming Very Complex

how search works


Anyone in any doubt on this should click here to grasp how Google has to deal with 60 trillion individual pages and growing.

Common SEO Issues

As Google’s own “insidesearch” illustration shows, innocently serving up duplicate URLS or cannibalising¬† keywords on multiple pages simply confuses Google never mind it’s crawlers being able to find pages that are not intended to be indexed. The complexities of today’s content management systems mean there is always a risk of crawler issues.

Quality Content

Does your content deserve rank? This is question that is not often addressed and it is assumed that Google can be fooled into ranking low quality. Whilst this maybe true in respect of no competition search queries, there is a sincere desire to serve up quality and algorithms are becoming better at determining the quality of content through human interaction.

Beware of Spam Tactics

Just over 6 years ago, SEO could be likened to the wild west with relatively little knowledge required to be able rank in Google – all you had to do was keyword stuff pages and buy thousands of directory and article links from vendors overseas for a few dollars and rankings were all but assured. How times have changed. Aside from low quality link building tactics that no longer work, automatically generated gibberish, cloaking and scraping content from other websites will not be tolerated.

This service is available to businesses, website owners and digital marketing agencies and is provided on an adhoc basis. A free no obligation quote will be provided.